Secret Santa Questions:

The Secret Santa Tradition has been going on for a lot of years. Gifting your loved ones on an occasion and bringing happiness on their faces is the sole purpose of this act. To gift someone with something they like and will adore, obviously would come out by their choices and preferences, so Do Not Wait! Go ask them questions and get to know what they actually will like! Be the Gifting Guru amongst the lot! This is the perfect game to play and bring happiness to the lives of your friends, family, and even work colleagues. These are some questions you can ask from the person or know about the one you're going to buy a gift for:

• What is the color that you like the most?
• What is your hobby?
• Do you like reading?
• What's your favorite genre of movies and songs?
• What's your dream destination spot?
• What's the one thing you like the most? 
• What is your favorite food, dessert, or drink?
• What is your necessity as of now?
• What is your favorite flower?
• Do you like chocolates, if Yes, which type?
• Do you like wearing jewelry?
• Do you carry bags, of any kind, whenever you go out?
• What is your favorite color in nail polish?
• Do you like visiting Spa's and Parlors?
• Who is your favorite actor and actress. Why?
• Do you remain in trend?
• What's your favorite outdoor activity?
• What's your favorite indoor activity?
• What is your favorite clothing brand?

Gift Exchange Questions To Ask:

Some simple, fun, and interesting questions to know the person and his/her preferences for buying them a gift that makes them jump on their feet!

• What's your favorite Candy?
• What's your favorite type of beverage?
• Tell me something that you want but cannot buy, for a long time?
• What's your favorite season or climate?
• What would you choose: Long Drive or Watching Movie?
• Tell me something that maybe I need to know.
• What's your shirt or T-shirt size?
• Who is your favorite author?
• What's your all-time favorite T.V. Show or Series?
• What's your favorite movie?
• What's your go-to restaurant or eating place?
• Do you like street food?
• What do you like: Staying In or Going Out?

Ask some questions that may help you to know about them and gift them with the nicest present ever!