Secret Santa Generator:

Be a Santa to your loved ones this year, in closed curtains. It's time to surprise each other with gifts and a shower of love. You should not leave an occasion like this to make your friends and family feel special and over the top of the world. Wherever you are on this Earth, you can make things possible from any part. It's really easy to make it happen with a few simple steps:

• Write the names.
• Make a preference list, budget, and the date of the occasion.
• Each person will draw a name.
• The name on the chit will decide that who will gift whom.
Send the gift without your name (sender's name)
• Surprise them with the gift of their choice! 

Secret Santa Online:

What if you all are not together? It doesn't make a difference anymore, because you have all the things available online! Try using some apps which generate names and assign them to each member of the group, follow these simple steps to make it a success:

• With the help of a generator or spin the wheel, Create a link.
• Send the link to your friends and family.
• Wait for them to enter the details.
• Set the date of the occasion.
• Make a wish list. 
• Once all the names are entered with details, draw the names.
• Every member will be assigned with a name and wish list of another person to gift.

After you've done all this:

• Buy a gift for your loved ones following their choice.
• Send the gift without mentioning your name, it should contain the recipient's details only. Otherwise, what's the point of Secret Santa right?
• Let them identify you otherwise just remain a Santa in secrecy.
• See a smile on their face, because they'll definitely have a huge one if they get a gift that they'll love! 

Secret Santa Generator WhatsApp:

It's really easy to use an app to connect and make the Secret Santa thing happen on something that is used daily by everyone. Make a generator, share the link and get a person whom you have to gift.
Bring happiness to each other's lives on this occasion of love, happiness, and celebration.