Secret Santa Gifts For Friends:

Are you short of ideas about what type of gift you should give to whom? Firstly, choose the gifts in accordance with the person's choices. Secondly, you can always go for some crazy, funny and even essential things for your friends unlike family's where you have to be careful and make sure the present makes them feel good and loved, right? With this tradition of avoiding shopping, gifting each other something, and feeling special, the occasion brings out its different colors and level of zeal and happiness within us, doesn't it? So, here are some great gift ideas for you to give to your friends as a Secret Santa!

• Pencil Stand and A Diary
• Papernapkin or Tissue Paper Set
A Mix Tape
• A Cassette Player
• Stationary
• Table or Door Mat
• Sweater or A Tee
• Coffee Beans 
• Stockings

You can go with things like these to gift your friends!

Secret Santa Gift For Family:

Best and thoughtful gifts for your family can be:

• Scented Candles
• A Photo Frame
• Scrap Book full of memories
• Set of Toiletries 
• Best-selling Cosmetics like Moisturiser, Body Perfume, etc.
• Book of the favorite author
• Skin-care products
• Grooming Products
• Video games or any game that one of the member's likes
• Gingerbread Cookies 

Choose gifts that literally make them happy from within and something that means for them more than anything.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts:

• Slime
• Fake animal that terrifies
• Snow Spray 
• Dog Food
• Cup or Cushion with funny quotes
• Box of insults
• An alcohol bottle with pee
• Bouncing Clown 
• A box of melted chocolate 
• A box within a box to find a single key chain out of a huge box
• A funny teddy bear

Surprise your friends and close ones with these funny and random gifts, that they'll never forget they once received.